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Work with me


Let's do this






Work with me


Let's do this


I empower ambitious women to become the entrepreneur they were born to be, get the right mindset and boost their confidence to help them unlock their powerful potential; take fierce action to create a business they love and make it all happen.

It is time to find YOUR fierce

Coaching is turning your dreams into action and achieving your powerful potential.

We Can Work Together in a way that suits you and your needs... 



What you get when you work with a coach like me:

- You have someone outside your family and circle of friends who has your back.  Someone who will challenge you and hold your hand through your life changing journey.

 - You have someone you can bounce ideas off and there will be no judgement or negativity - Like when good meaning Family and friends tell you all about what 'might' go wrong.  None of that, just realistic goals to push you to your next level.

- You will feel challenged to take brave steps that you wouldn't normally have taken.   You will be held accountable ad this will help steer you forward.

- You will celebrate the success that comes with pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone and feeling amazing and exhilarated for doing it.

- You will be clear where you want to go and the inspired action that will get you there.

- You will have someone who believes in 100% and understands that you are unique and special.  

- And most important of all you will be more confident in your own abilities, you will believe that you have what it takes and you will unlock all of your potential that you know is already there.


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"I just LOVE working with Gemma as my coach.

She strikes just the right balance with everything she does in her work. She knows when to go easy on me and when to encourage me to be kinder to myself...

She also knows that sometimes I need to be challenged and to challenge myself. She is always there for me, whether it's to ask the right questions (oh, the questions...!) OR to kick my ass into action.

I feel so grateful to have this lady in my life, she's everything. <3 xx " 


(Danielle Mills - Hot Seat Recruitment)


You know that you want something more, something better, but you keep putting it off, because you tell yourself that you don't have the time, or the energy or the money to explore it further but convince yourself you will do it 'one day'.  I get it.  I have done that too - but all you are really doing is hiding behind these excuses.  Because let's face it - that is what they really are?


And are any of these beliefs holding you back?  


'But I don't have time to spend on myself'

'I want things to change, but not sure how'

'I can't do something else as working full time'

'I don't actually know what I want'

'I will be neglecting my family if I take time out'

'I've tried to set goals before and I never stick to them'

'I know what I want but it's out of my reach'

'It's just a dream, real life isn't like that'

'I've tried before and it didn't work out'

'I'm not good enough'


Yep! I have experienced every single one and more.  

You see I still have doubts - is what I do helping other people?, Am I unlocking all of my own potential?, What if I don't have what it takes?

You are not alone with your feelings and you are not alone in wanting to better your life.  Everyone has moments where they question whether they have what it takes - 'Am I good enough?' is something that everyone experiences.  What is needed is more self belief!


Well you are good enough - so let's do something about it.  

- It turns out that belief happens to be a brilliant strategy-.png


I did and I have my own coach - yes I do practice what I preach and the results are amazing I only wish I had done it sooner.  

So don't wait or sit on the fence - make a decision and go for it - what could be more important than an investment in you.  So you become the best version of you.  Everyone around you, including your loved ones, can only benefit from this.


Do you dream of work that you would love to do everyday, work that would light you up, those ideas you can't stop thinking about and have maybe, just maybe, started seriously considering them as a real option?

Maybe it is using your creative skills, helping others, giving something back, learning something new, turning this passion you have into a business venture?

Maybe it is to earn more money so you can take your family on more experiences, travel, make a better home, delegate some of those chores that drag you down, cleaning, washing, admin etc...

For too long you have pushed your own desires away believing that one day you will get around to them or one day you will feel more confident.


Well not anymore ...that day is here - let's do this together - don't wait on your dreams any longer.

Time to be Fierce.  

You got this.

I will keep you accountable and focused.  I will help you make it happen.

Which support from me will help you move forward and boost your confidence so you believe you have what it takes...?

Not sure, got some questions?  

Then connect with me now and ask away...

I love to hear from women who are ready to stop putting themselves last, unlock their true potential and change their lives.  


Put yourself first, make that impact you dream of making and an income that goes with it.