Are you a female leader who identifies as an introvert?

Are there things that you are not doing and not saying when it comes to reaching that next level?  

Perhaps you're not promoting yourself as well as you'd like? Or you really WANT to own a room? But you feel like you're not able to show up and sell yourself like some of your extroverted friends?  

Do you feel frustrated with your own lack of visibility and are hiding behind the scenes more than you would like?  

You know it will be good for business to get out there networking and meeting more people and making more connections - but small talk and strangers are not your thing; what would you share? And would anyone really want to listen?  

You know you have got so much more to give even if you constantly doubt yourself.  

What if you could?

You know from your experience that it will be good for business to get out there both online and through networking.

But you’d rather not as small talk and spending time with strangers is not normally your thing.

You are watching other people doing it though; sharing their thoughts and opinions, videos, live streams, making new connections, being noticed and generally getting more leads and opportunities than you?

You tried it and you didn’t enjoy it. It felt awkward. It felt fake. Yet you have got so much more to give even though you sometimes doubt it.

If you are ready to step up, become the leader you want to be then I can help you.

You have a sense of putting your own ceiling in the way of more success but you are not sure why or how to break through that?

Would you like to have more confidence to step up to be more visible, do it with purpose, become the woman you want to be?

Would you like to catch other’s attention and encourage them to start taking interest in what you stand for and what you do best?

I am not a business specialist and I am not your ordinary coach.


I am a woman who helps other women wake up. Especially those who want to have more impact but are holding back.


I spent too long hiding and avoiding the things that I convinced myself weren't my thing;  sales, public speaking, networking, self promotion, presenting, making videos, attending videos, being interviewed on podcasts, the radio, TV .......

I now empower female women like you to realise your potential, own it and have the confidence to shout about it loud and proud and make that difference you want to make.

If you are ready to step up, become the leader not the follower, and try new things then I can help you. I offer you a space to be vulnerable and get past anything that is in your way. The perfect place of encouragement, challenging and kick ass when you need it.

If you want accountability, focus, strategy, and clarity around what’s stopping you and what’s next, then get in touch and let’s chat. You can have this too. Get in touch.

Grab this FREE guide as my gift to you to start you on your ‘being more visible’ journey.

Networking is one of the best ways to make real connections and start to tell more people about what you do and how you can help them.

This will help you even if you are an introvert and hate talking to strangers!

Why work with me ....


I help women to have the confidence to promote themselves in a positive and constructive way, allowing them the space to see what is really holding them back and breakthrough their own ceiling and limitations, realise their potential, take responsibility and act on it.

I've been coaching since 2001 in both public and private sectors as well as building two of my own businesses from scratch.

I'm on a mission to empower ambitious women, like you, to stop hiding and holding yourself back - to believe in yourself and your message that you want to share with the world! 

I want you to have RESULTS and I will help you GET them. I can help you do the things you think you can’t - and actually have fun pushing yourself to make real connections with confidence. Let’s get you out there in a way that feels good to you!


No More Hiding - Time to Step into YOUR Spotlight




No More Hiding


No More Hiding