You know that you want to make a change.

You even know what you need to do.

But something stops you.


Something holds you back and you are not sure what your next step really is.  You need to go over it with somebody and put it out there.

If this feels like you, then 1-1 private coaching with me might be exactly what you need.



This is the chance for you to ditch the confusion and overwhelm in your business and become the confident business woman you are meant to be.


It can feel so overwhelming trying to run a successful business and run everything else as well!   


I am here to help you.


I get it.  I love my family, they are my world, but I also love to work and that is because I love the work I do - it lights me up, it gives me independence and the freedom and flexibility I crave.  

I have been there - feeling confused about which way to go next - what to tackle on the every growing 'to do' list and how to make it all work.  Finding the damn time to fit it all in.

Those feelings of self doubt creeping in,  'Am I good enough?' and questioning 'Do I really have what it takes to start my own business?', 'Can I leave this job that gives me a steady income?', 'What if it all goes wrong?'.


I am here to tell you that anything is possible and if you can dream it then you can do it.  The most important part is believing in yourself. 


So if you are serious about making a success of your business, boosting your confidence and unleashing the powerhouse that you are, to find work that lights you up and enjoy life, then this is the programme for you.  Success at anything is 80% mindset and then taking fierce action.

We often wait until we feel confident before we take action - but confidence only comes from taking the action in the first place and I can support you to do that.

Working for yourself gives you the freedom you crave - yes it is not easy - but with the right mindset and structures in place you will realise that it is totally worth it.  

Having a coach helps you get to where you want to be much faster.  You get accountability and someone who is there for you and your dreams, who will challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone - for that is where the magic happens.


Take that all important step and really invest in yourself and get the support you need.  I will push you, challenge you and most importantly believe in you 110% and have your back.  

Private coaching with me is designed to to take you from feeling overwhelmed and lost, to being clear and confident on what inspired action you need to take to get where you want to be, both personally and professionally.  I also take you one step further. To do what you think you can’t. Those things that you really want to do but they make you feel so uncomfortable and fearful that you ditch the ideas before even considering the amazing impact they will have on your business.


I know, that you know, deep down you feel you are meant for something more, something bigger.  You have amazing ideas but don't do them as you worry that they won't work or you are not good enough.  It is time to take your business idea to the next level so you can earn a decent income, whilst loving what you do.


I only work with ambitious ladies who are ready to make a change to their lives and are hungry for something more.  You may feel lost with it all, but you still have the drive and determination to take action then I would love to work with you.

What's included:

 - 1-1 sessions with me via Zoom (you have the opportunity to record sessions)

- Unlimited Voxer access to me over the course of us working together (a walkie talkie app that means you have me in your back pocket).

- Relevant supporting documents/workbooks/tasks to embed your learning.

- The opportunity to join the Club Fierce Community for ongoing support with an intimate group of likeminded ladies who have all worked with me privately where we meet up, have guest experts, online hangouts and generally enjoy running our businesses together!

-The value is £2000 and payment plans are available.


You will benefit and grow:

- You will gain a new confidence to get clear on what you want and the next steps to get you there - ditch that guilt, fear and procrastination

- You will identify what is holding you back and bust through those limiting beliefs and silence those self doubts.

- You will regain control of your life and have more time for everything that is important to you without worrying about burn out and overwhelm.

- You will learn to prioritise.

-You will learn simple techniques that you can start implementing into your daily life that will change everything.

- You will feel amazing, confident and strong as you start on your journey to unlock all of that potential you have inside.


My amazing clients....

“I have worked with Gemma on her coaching programme and am so delighted that our paths have crossed!

She provided the perfect framework and support to help me really hone in on what my business is all about, get clarity on what I needed to do, create a product offering and start promoting it and - .......wait for it........ - all of that was the result of our very first 1st session !!

This programme was the most useful and best value for money thing I’ve done since starting up my business and as a result, just a few weeks in and I’ve got several more products in place, clients signed up and I’m busy scheduling more.

Gemma is a pleasure to work with - no BS, no fluff, just really practical, focused and so, so supportive of her clients. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs that little push or needs to start believing in themselves!”

— Alison Duddy

“I just LOVE working with Gemma as my coach.
She strikes just the right balance with everything she does in her work. She knows when to go easy on me and when to encourage me to be kinder to myself...
She also knows that sometimes I need to be challenged and to challenge myself. She is always there for me, whether it’s to ask the right questions (oh, the questions...!) OR to kick my ass into action.
I feel so grateful to have this lady in my life, she’s everything. <3 xx”
— Danielle Mills

“I signed up to work with Gemma 1:1 for 6 weeks as I had a big project I had been trying to launch for a number of months and needed that little extra bit of a push to actually put it into action.

She managed to support me in a way that makes me want to be supported and push me in a way that doesn’t make me want to push back! And that is my usual way to deal with people trying to push me out of my comfort zone!

The cost was a factor for me as I was struggling to justify paying for someone to ‘talk to me’ every week! I am so glad I did make that financial commitment though because, without that, I just wouldn’t have been invested in the coaching and wouldn’t have done any of what we agreed!

Whilst working with Gemma during the 6 weeks, I launched and started a test version of my programme with paying clients myself! This in itself is amazing as I just wouldn’t have put myself out there without that support and the gentle pushing in the right direction!

I would highly recommend working with Gemma on a 1:1 basis or even being a member of her private club (Club Fierce). She takes the time to really understand what your goals are along with the hurdles that are stopping you from hitting them. Gemma genuinely wants you to do well and keeps in touch with you every step of the way!

Thank you, Gemma!”
— Kylie Jones

“1 -1 coaching with Gemma is amazing!I had recently been made redundant so the opportunity had arisen for me to take control of my own destiny! BUT I was stuck. I had lots of ideas swirling around in my head. I made fruitless attempts to put some order to them. And that is what Gemma helped me to do. Gemma is an intuitive and productive listener and by that I mean that she can ‘hear’ not only what you are saying but what you are omitting. She leads you to reflect on your thoughts, to gain clarity and so move forward.Conversations with Gemma are fruitful, inspiring and lead you along paths you perhaps don’t expect. They are fun and serious in equal measure and what more can you ask for than to smile as you work towards your personal goalsI am now moving forwards with my life plans, thanks to Gemma.”
— Veronica Ryan

“Some things are meant to happen and Gemma made it happen. I was stuck in a hole. In a few sessions with Gemma I rationalised my thinking, prioritised my goals and set myself easy deadlines.

She shook me up and gently pushed me so I could see my potential and use it. She’s a magician! I am on my way to live the life I always wanted. From the bottom of my heart Gemma thank you! You have unlocked my potential! I will be forever grateful.”

— Nadege Farnier

“Working with Gemma was an absolute pleasure, informative, eye opening & natural. I was stuck in a bit of a rut, feeling like I was swimming against a tide...I know feel more focused and have a bit more confidence. I have a clearer idea of my goals.

Gemma’s approach is very gentle but gets results. It’s very much on your terms. It made me speak out loud what I had been thinking for a long time and actually find a solution to my barriers. Thank you so much for your support, you have been brilliant.I’m currently having the best month ever with my little business! Thank you Gemma! X x”

— Samantha Herron-Dixon

“ Working with Gemma has been eye opening! I could write pages …! In summary, like speaking with an impartial friend who understands what’s going on in my head and makes me think about things in a new, positive way. I have a vision of what I want my business to be and how that makes me FEEL. There is an end goal, and the steps needed to get there are achievable by ME. Yes I would recommend working with Gemma! I thought I knew what I wanted (!) but Gemma helped me narrow it down to something tangible, and in turn focus on how to get there. The confidence comes from realising that I have these ideas in my head, they just need coaxing out (and ultimately the freedom to flow!).
— Sarah Smith


1-1 Private Coaching is application only so we need to have a chat first!


If you have been thinking about working with me then this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a commitment to yourself and to your business and work, to take it to the next level and start to see the success you have only dreamed about. We need to have a chat first though to make sure I am the coach to support you to where you want to be.


I cannot wait to hear from you, book a call with me, or message me so we can see if it is what you are looking for.  It is an investment in your time, money and energy.  My private 1-1 coaching is normally for 8-12 weeks to make a real difference and is £2000. I do offer bespoke packages so please get in touch.

You get out what you put in. 



What you will get from private 1-1coaching with me .


When you work with me you will...


  • Have voiced your dreams and what you really want maybe for the first time.

  • Have discussed in detail what you want for your life and how you want it to be.

  • Identified what is holding you back so you can move past it.

  • Identified what skills, personality traits, values and inner strengths you already have and how this impacts on your motivation.

  • Made shifts in your thinking and mindset, and have a confidence boost of "Yes! I can bloody do this" so you can start taking that all important action you have been putting off doing.

  • Be ready and excited to take the next step on your dreams and to actually do it with my full support.

  • And most important of all, you will have the self belief,  confidence and the right mindset to step into being the woman you truly are meant to be and smashing the shit out of your goals - getting the outcomes you want and smiling as you do it.


Working with me is an amazing investment in you, the return on investment is literally life changing - to open up huge possibilities for your future, to start saying yes to opportunities that scare you because you have the right mindset to see you through.


Be Fierce.  You got this.