Smash Facebook Lives

Time to stop hiding

Online group programme starts Monday 9th April 2018

Love watching them? Want to do your own?

Know deep down that it is the fastest way to get quick connections with your ideal customers in this fast paced online world?

You know that facebook love promoting LIVES more than anything else we see in our news feeds?

I know you know these things - so why aren't you doing more of them?

Yep - it is scary at first to get the confidence to get yourself out there....I get it because that was how I felt until I got myself some strategy, a confidence boost with practice and support from those already doing it and being visible.

Top 3 reasons you are NOT doing Facebook LIVES

1. You are worried about what others will think of you when you do them because you think that every man and his dog will see you when you go live for the first time.....

2. You think you will fumble up your words, forget what to say and make a real mess of the whole thing.....

3. You have no idea what to talk about and don't think that anyone will find what you do say interesting at all......

So am I right? 


#SmashFacebookLives is a 2 week programme that is going to take away all that FEAR and replace it with FUN.

 Yep that's right facebook lives can be fun and you can get to the point where you enjoy doing them. 

I promise they can be fun - and although you probably don't believe me right now - give me two weeks of your time, throw in a little courage and you will be doing facebook lives on your business page and in groups in no time!


They also bring you a hell of a lot more than that...after working together Fiona is now using them all the time! And Laura has built her business using Facebook Lives - you can do this too!


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So are you going to continue wishing you were brave enough to do facebook lives, but stay on the sidelines hiding and watching others do it instead




Will you take the leap and get that confidence and courage to start doing facebook lives and build your business quickly?


When I braved it myself almost a year ago and went LIVE for the first time I was scared - and I will be honest with you I was nervous for a few times after that and sometimes even now when it is a difficult thing to talk about.  But I still do it.  That's the difference.  I show up and deliver the goods.  It doesn't aways go to plan and I always learn something from every live I do.  


I am sharing this because I want you to have this too.  I don't want you to hide anymore.  I want you to know that it doesn't have to be perfect and the more you do it the more you will grow in confidence and self awareness.


Doing facebook lives has helped me 

  • Triple my group members

  • Increase the numbers of clients I work with

  • Increase my income

  • Build my business and brand

  • Increase my online reach

  • Have confidence for public speaking

  • Sold event tickets 

  • Be able to take advantage of spotlight sessions in other groups

  • Made amazing connections with others


And you can have EXACTLY that.   


You need someone to support you to:


--> get that confidence you need to ditch those worries about what others think / reframe your thinking

--> to get clarity around your content / ideas you can talk about

--> practice going live in a secret space / build up your confidence

--> keep you focused and accountable so you will do the work!  


All for just £197 


**PLUS [EXCLUSIVE VIP OFFER} Upgrade to the VIP package and still have everything in the group online programme but you also #GetMyEyesOnYourLives and have 1-1 support from me via Voxer.  All this for only £247**


This is what you get:

  • Access to a safe SECRET group where the fun will happen

  • CONFIDENCE to practice going live

  • Support from me in the group

  • STRATEGIES and top tips

  • Help with creating CONTENT to talk about on your LIVES

  • 1-1 support and #myeyesonyourlives VIP Upgrade opportunity**

Are you ready?  


Then jump on board I can't wait to start working with you.  It all starts on Monday 2nd October - but the sooner you sign up the sooner you get access to the secret group and me!


Your Investment is from £197

Let's do this

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