Kind words and fierce love from those amazing women who I have had the honour to work with and who are shifting gears and really make an impact in this world whilst creating their own dream life.

I just LOVE working with Gemma as my coach.
She strikes just the right balance with everything she does in her work. She knows when to go easy on me and when to encourage me to be kinder to myself...
She also knows that sometimes I need to be challenged and to challenge myself. She is always there for me, whether it’s to ask the right questions (oh, the questions...!) OR to kick my ass into action.
I feel so grateful to have this lady in my life, she’s everything. <3 xx

Danielle Mills - Hot Seat Recruitment

I signed up to work with Gemma 1:1 for 6 weeks as I had a big project I had been trying to launch for a number of months and needed that little extra bit of a push to actually put it into action.

She managed to support me in a way that makes me want to be supported and push me in a way that doesn’t make me want to push back! And that is my usual way to deal with people trying to push me out of my comfort zone!

The cost was a factor for me as I was struggling to justify paying for someone to ‘talk to me’ every week! I am so glad I did make that financial commitment though because, without that, I just wouldn’t have been invested in the coaching and wouldn’t have done any of what we agreed!

Whilst working with Gemma during the 6 weeks, I launched and started a test version of my programme with paying clients myself! This in itself is amazing as I just wouldn’t have put myself out there without that support and the gentle pushing in the right direction!

I would highly recommend working with Gemma on a 1:1 basis or even being a member of her private club (Club Fierce). She takes the time to really understand what your goals are along with the hurdles that are stopping you from hitting them. Gemma genuinely wants you to do well and keeps in touch with you every step of the way!

Thank you, Gemma!

I had a fleeting concern about the costs but having worked with Gemma before I knew I would get results. I barely hesitated when I read about the mastermind. It was a gut feeling and I knew it would be fantastic, it felt right and had come at the perfect time when I was feeling a bit lost. At the time I was struggling with direction and where I was heading with my business.
It gave me the belief in myself that I had something to offer my clients. It gave me a plan of how to take action and move forward. It got me focused with actionable steps combined with accountability. It also reinforced my belief that working with other women can be so powerful in so many ways. The support was phenomenal and I have made some wonderful new friends.

When I was at my lowest point in the mastermind I had a 1:1 coaching session with Gemma. She gently encouraged me to think about how I could move forward. Out of the blue came the idea of a group programme. By the time I’d got to my desk that morning I’d mapped out a 4 week online group programme. I was buzzing! I wrote the pre-course work, advertised through my new Facebook business page and had dozens of people interested in it.

I have now signed 3 clients and I’m already planning what to offer my clients once their first group programme has finished. I have also landed my first speaking gig for my business.

Yes, yes, yes I would recommend Gemma without a shadow of a doubt. What she can unlock inside of you is amazing and I was blown away by the results. Her coaching style is a combination of ass-kicking, gentle encouragement and above all fun and laughter. A perfect, winning combination. Don’t even think about not working with her.

Katherine Hickman - Medic Mum SOS

I knew I needed to make a change in the way I run my work as a writer, performance specialist and workshop facilitator but really didn’t know where to start. I’d never worked with a business coach before but the thought of having one-on-one mentorship really appealed to me. Even so, I found it really hard to make the leap to financially invest in myself and the work that I do. I am so glad I did.
Working with Gemma has been so inspiring and transformative. She is straight talking and honest in a way that is always supportive and encouraging. She is full of practical insight and good humour. Gemma was so good at making me see where my strengths and weaknesses were, and she helped me to focus on my own authentic version of success, helping me to pick apart old habits and beliefs that were no longer serving me.
Our weekly sessions really helped me to take control of where I was, where I am and where I want to be, and the in between Voxer support feature of the coaching package was like carrying a genie in a bottle around with me – I had a friendly ear whenever I needed advice, a boost, or someone to share my brainstorming and ideas with! I’m really going to miss our sessions together.
Thanks Gemma!

Hannah Davies - Hannah Davies (Writer / Theatre-maker / Spoken Word Artist / Workshop Leader)

sam mason.jpg
I just had my first coaching session with Gemma and I feel super motivated and ready to take action!
I’m just starting out with my business and there are a few tasks I just wasn’t sure how to tackle. Gemma knows exactly the right questions to ask to prompt the answers you need and she is very uplifting, empowering and knowledgeable. I’m really excited to work with Gemma in the future and she will be my first port of call for any business coaching I need! I highly recommend Gemma to help un block any creative flow and get your business going and growing!
Thanks Gemma!

Sam Mason - Digital Tapas


Fiona’s experience of working with Gemma

I began working with Gemma as my coach when I found her facebook group The F Movement on the recommendation of a friend.

I had so many ideas buzzing around my head and knew I needed to take action but was stuck because I was overwhelmed by everything that I needed to do.

I highly recommend Gemma because she provided a safe environment to explore the issues that were holding me back. She just got it!

Her content is thought provoking and comes from a place of real care and passion, and is helping me to see the bigger picture and push myself and my business to new limits.

Gemma has made me feel proud that I am ambitious, rather than shying away from it and hiding. If I had to use one word to describe what she does, it would be: empowering. x

I have worked with Gemma on her coaching programme and am so delighted that our paths have crossed!

She provided the perfect framework and support to help me really hone in on what my business is all about, get clarity on what I needed to do, create a product offering and start promoting it and - .......wait for it........ - all of that was the result of our very first 1st session !!

This programme was the most useful and best value for money thing I’ve done since starting up my business and as a result, just a few weeks in and I’ve got several more products in place, clients signed up and I’m busy scheduling more.

Gemma is a pleasure to work with - no BS, no fluff, just really practical, focused and so, so supportive of her clients. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who needs that little push or needs to start believing in themselves!

Alison Duddy - Plan it Do it

karen smith.jpg
Gemma is a fantastic coach. Over the last 6 months, she has supported me to take me business to the next level. She very quickly became tuned in to my sense of social purpose and was able to work with me to shape my desire to make a difference into a viable business opportunity. She is great at teasing out blockages by asking the tricky questions that have really enabled me to move to action. My business supports others to measure and maximise their social impact and its easy to see what an impact Gemma has, both with her 1:1 and group clients and through the F Movement community. Gemma’s input is transformative. She empowers women to take back control of their lives and turn dreams into reality. Without a doubt this improves levels of confidence, wellbeing and happiness, all of which impact positively on both clients and their families.

Karen Smith - Turn up the Value

I had a 30 min coaching session with Gemma earlier this year. I can thoroughly recommend it to anyone facing a block or a barrier with home, family or business. Gemma got me straight away and got to the heart of my challenges.
She was kind and understanding but pushed me too. I came away with a set of actionable tasks and feeling really positive.

Rachael Dunseath - Myroo Organic Skincare


Working with Gemma was brilliant - she instantly put me at ease and made the whole process seem so easy. She has an amazing ability of making you dig deep and look at things from a different perspective. She does it so subtly that you don’t even realise your mindset is changing!!
I had a few blocks before I worked with Gemma but she helped me to see things differently and I have come away feeling very different. I now have more confidence in myself which is crucial for me to move forward with my business :)
I would highly recommend Gemma - she is a kind and caring person who is brilliant at her job. If you have any blocks Gemma will get to the bottom of them very quickly and will give you tasks to do to help you to overcome them. I felt completely comfortable throughout the whole process despite Gemma challenging me and making me step out of my comfort zone. She’s brilliant!

Stacey Kelly - Early Years Storybox

Gemma is a big ball of kickass positive energy. Her ability to empower others is magical...she’s one to watch for sure (in every sense of the word) xx

Jessica Ellis -The No Filter Mum