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Online Group Programme for 4 weeks.  

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Do you want to Feel Fierce doing work you love?  This programme has been described as 'life changing'...


It feels so hard when you have big dreams. You worry that you are not good enough. 

Thinking that everyone else has more experience, better connections, more confidence than you.


"Who am I to be this woman who wants to make a living from doing work I love?"


You struggle with the belief that in order to have success you must earn it first. 

You feel you must work long hours and trade time away from your family.  Then only get the odd day here or there together.  It is not enough quality time and you want more.


How is this way of living, working out for you?


Everyone around you is either doing work they love and smashing it or they are moaning about being in a job they hate. 

You are not happy and something has clicked inside you and you know that something has to change.  Check out what Sarah and Katherine had to say about the last round of #FeelingFierce3

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Here is Danielle Mills from Hot Seat Recruitment - explaining how being a part of my online group programme #FeelingFierce was the best decision she made - it was so transformational that she was a part of the next group too!  

You are done with waiting for it to happen.



You are done with waiting for others to do it for you.

You have had this major realisation that in order to get the life you really want you are going to have to put in the work.


Time to do the work on you. 

The up close and personal stuff that is actually the shit that is holding you back.


You are beginning to realise that you are the queen of excuses and dare I say it use the fact that you are a busy working mum, as a reason that you just do not have the time to go build your dreams. 

Well we both know that is BS.  


This group programme is for you if you are wanting to do work you love but are struggling to make it happen or you are ready to take it to the next level but you are holding back - and you are not sure why.


  • You need more clarity around who your ideal customer is and how you can reach them.  

  • You don't value yourself enough or price yourself out of the competition and you don't know why (money stories)  

  • You want to be able to truly believe in yourself and what you do will actually become your reality (manifesting).

  • You want the confidence and the content to be able to nail facebook lives and reach more people with your message / services or products.  

  • You are constantly overwhelmed and don't feel like there is enough time in the day to fit everything in and you come last every time. 

  • You want working for yourself to give you more time with your children.  

  • You need to know what your next best step is to grow your business and...

  • you want the confidence to take it.  


Here are some words from one of my amazing clients who was a part of #FeelingFierce and loved it so much she has signed up for the next one.  This is why I do what I do - I love empowering women to find themselves again and unlock all of that incredible potential that is being hidden away.  Step into the nest version of yourself!  Do it for you, but do it for you family too!  Thank you Samantha from the bottom of my heart <3



I have been where you are and I have invested in myself heavily in the past 18 months and have so much to share with you so you can be the best version of you.  To start looking at yourself differently.  

To be the confident and successful woman you want to be.


🤞You want clarity on what it is you really want - ✔️Yep 

🤞You want to be able to talk openly about issues you are facing - ✔️Yep

🤞You want encouragement and someone to listen - ✔️Yep

🤞You want to step up and need a push ✔️Yep

🤞You want more confidence in promoting your biz – ✔️Yep

🤞You want to believe you have what it takes – ✔️Yep

🤞You want to feel fulfilled and challenged – ✔️Yep

🤞You want a safe place to have a go at stepping out of your comfort zone (practising Facebook lives) – ✔️Yep

🤞You want likeminded women to support you so you don’t feel alone – ✔️Yep

🤞You want a stealth coach who has your back and believes in you 100% - ✔️Yep

🤞You want to have a clear and focused plan that you can implement yourself –✔️Yep

🤞You want to feel in control and ready to make it happen - ✔️Yep

🤞You want to feel fierce - ✔️Yep


 It is so incredible to watch women transforming and understanding themselves before my eyes.  They are truly stepping out of their comfort zones because they have got clear on what they really want and why they really want it.  They are daring to do things they never thought they would do.  And this is only half way through! Wow!



Here is Fiona who speaks about her experience of working with me on my group online programme and the impact it has had on her confidence


Imagine feeling like this after only four weeks...you can, it is possible!

This is powerful, serious stuff. 

Be a part of it and experience this for yourself.


*Clarity around you and your purpose
*Figuring out what has been stopping you up until now
*Clarity around your ideal client / customer so you can reach them
*Facebook Lives - building your confidence and message
*Ditch the guilt and negative thoughts
*Setting real goals and taking fierce action - managing your time and getting your shit in order (so you can run a biz, family and still hold down a 9-5 if you have to)
*Building your confidence so you can start believing in yourself and know that you have what it takes.


This is basically a one stop shop to get everything you need in place to start doing the work you really want to, to ditch the self doubt and the excuses that hold you back and stop you moving forward.

I get it. I have been there. I am still building. I will share with you what you need to know and show you how to do it so that you will be #FeelingFierce as soon as we start working together!


The next one will be starting TBC 


Limited spaces available as I like to keep the group small and intimate.  This is such a powerful way to learn you will be blown away with the support that this kind of energy and safe space can create from likeminded ambitious women just like you.


The full value of this programme is £547.  


However early birdy's get it all for just £447 


...... and as a double bonus if you are a fierce action taker and know that this group programme is exactly what you need to get you out of hiding and full of the confidence...

 there is the chance to grab a 1 hour bonus coaching session with me on anything you need before the programme starts if you are one of the first 3 people to sign up.

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Are you in?  


When you say yes to yourself and working with me in this group programme you will already start  #FeelingFierce 

🙋🏻The sooner you join the sooner you get access to the secret private group.  Those connections with other women will start happening and you will know that you made the right decision. 


🔥Let’s rock and roll ladies I am so excited to get to know you better, get you started and see you bloody fly.  

The beauty of this programme is that I have designed it so that it suits us busy ambitious mums - you will not miss anything as everything will be available for you to access in your own time with weekly challenges and live trainings that can always be watched back at a convenient time for you.


Me, you and a handful of other ladies all on the same mission – there is nothing more powerful than that.

I cannot wait to start working with you!

Love Gemma x


Join the VIP waitlist

If you are interested or want further information about next start dates and early bird bonuses then join here and I will be sure to keep you posted

Name *