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As entrepreneurs it is safe to say that we all have so many ideas that we want to do it all at once.  As soon as we think it, we want it done straight away.  But to get them all done takes focus.

We strive to be super focused - especially with our business because we know deep down that giving focus to what matters will be a massive positive to our success.  So why is it so hard to do.  Why do we always multi task instead and waste so much more time doing it?

Do you class yourself a as multi-tasker?  Are you constantly flipping from one thing you have to do, to the next, losing focus on the task you started?  If you stopped and checked yourself – how many things are you working on at once?

This was me.  Doing all the things, all of the time.   The quickest route to losing your mind.

I have learnt that it is not the way to go when it comes to getting daily stuff done in your business.

Yes there are lots of things to do and I can hear you saying to me right now ...."all well and good but my to do list is as long as your arm Gemma!"

The thing is when we have long to do lists and new and exciting ideas ALL of the time, then it gets too much.  Overwhelm creeps in.  I have found myself feeling a little of this lately and so have been taking my own advice.  I have got a lot to do and if I start to think about everything that needs doing, it then begins....that sinking feeling.....that f**k it I am not doing any of this anymore feeling......I know I need to take some time out and get my head back in order.

So I do just that.  Because I can recognise quite quickly when I am not getting anywhere fast.  Trying to do ALL the things.

If you don't learn to recognise this in yourself and the feelings that come up for you when overwhelm hits and your ideas are popping out of your brain, then you can get into a right old tizz.

This then leads onto you not achieving anything at all.  You start telling yourself you can't do it, that you don't have what it takes and that you should give up this business and passion and go get a "proper job".

Well remember, you have totally got this and just need to LISTEN and HEAR the signs when overwhelm is coming - because it does and will always hang around.  It has to I guess, because you will always have all those amazing ideas whizzing around your head and the overwhelm is YOU telling yourself to SLOW down and FOCUS on one thing at once.

So even if you are feeding your newborn with one arm, whilst making a coffee with the other, typing emails and writing your to do list (right that's four hands but you get the picture and that's what it can feel like!) then you can still make the decision to FOCUS on one thing at once for your business.

Ask yourself this "What do I need to do to get me closer to where I want to be?", or "What matters most to my business and me today?"  And then just commit to doing that one thing.  When you have smashed that move onto the next.

Now if you do this and notice that you aren't getting around to all the scary stuff you need to do, because you are focusing on the easy stuff - then that's another convo altogether - but I can guarantee that the scary stuff will get you to where you want to be much faster then the easy stuff.  How do I know?  Because it worked for me and still does!

So if you only remember one thing from this, remember this …

"Ditch multi tasking...FOCUS on one thing at once"

Just watch how much more empowered you feel by getting stuff done instead of beating yourself up for not achieving anything and having half arsed, not finished, tasks on your to do list!

You've got this and if you don't feel like you have, then get in touch and tell me about it.  I help women like you to get on top of your game.

Gemma x


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