So I am going to get a bit vulnerable and talk about those wobbles.....nope not the wobbly bits we all want to ditch before the summer hols (or is that just me?)....but the wobbles we have up there in our mind.

You see we all have them, we all hate them, but we don't all realise that we can actually use them to our advantage - wobbles can be good for you!

So I have been doing an amazing challenge this week in an amazing group.  The challenge was about positioning - but it has been so much more than that to me.

I started off well, and when Wednesday came and after seeing everybody’s posts the day before, I’ll have to admit I had a wobble.
I decided in that moment that I might bow out of the challenge and almost did. 
If I am being completely honest with myself and you, I didn't feel up to scratch with all the amazing women doing their thing and strutting their stuff in this incredible group.  I haven’t been there that long and I love the powerful vibe it has.  But it knocked me.
I could easily have said that I was too tired from the 12 hour stint I had done that day that started at 530am (doing work for the other half's family biz), or the fact I have a coaching call at 8pm after sorting the kids tea and getting them to bed, meant that I just didn’t have the time to post or go live.
I could justify my reasons for not carrying on with the challenge to myself.  And then it hit me as I stood in the post office queue banking someone’s else’s money.
Oh the irony!!!
The irony is, is this is exactly why I do what I do.  I empower women to figure out what bloody excuses they are using that keeps them stuck.  When really they aren’t taking action because the fear and self doubt kicks in.
It pisses me off that we settle for less and justify it with lame excuses. And this might hurt, but it is even more frustrating when amazing mums don't feel good enough to do the things they really want to do and blame the fact they are just too busy with the kids, have lack of sleep and lack of time. 

We hide behind these excuses.
My own confidence took a hit when I became a mum and I felt like I had to be somebody else.  Somebody who everyone else decided I should be.  Somebody I didn’t want to be.  I still needed to work; I was ambitious and driven and this didn’t just disappear when I had children.  In fact the whole feeling of having to change left me depressed.  I got through it with support and getting back to doing work I loved saved me.  Of course my kids are my world – it goes without saying – and I 'shouldn't' need to say that before I say that I love to work and it loves me back!
Realising that I can ‘have it all’ and getting clear on what my ‘all’ is.
So that day when I stood in that queue, I realised the absolute bull shit of my thoughts.  And that there was no way on earth that I wasn’t going to show up for the challenge. 

There was no way I was going to let little miss self doubt win and there was no way I wouldn’t find the time (tired or not tired) to show up because that’s what I do and that’s what I help others do too.  It’s not all about me. 
I don't want any woman to feel less or settle for less because she's a mum and has to prioritise others – she can still put herself and her dreams first.  In fact she has to and will be a better mum for it.
Why I do it? 

Because I believe we can have it all, and it may mean growing a pair of ladyballs, ditching the excuses and taking fierce action – but it is so worth it.
I did do a facebook live about this too - so if you haven't seen it check it out in the The F Movement.

It is not easy for me to vulnerable and put myself out there that I am not perfect - but I am not - none of us are.

So what will you choose to do?  Start to pay attention to those wobbles and reasons we make for not doing what we really want to do.  

Or stick with the excuses and carry on as you are.... the choice is totally yours...but if you are ready and willing to notice what you are telling yourself then you might just open yourself up to the wobbles, but they can actually be really good for you if you let them in.

This is what I love to do - so if you are ready to get up close to those excuses so you can push them to one side and do what you really want to do, to get yourself and your business out there and make more connections, attract customers and make more income, then get in touch with me and we can jump on a call and see whether working with me would be the thing you need to take fierce action.

You don't need to hide anymore - you've got this. 

Love Gemma x