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It is fab isn't it when everyone else around you supports you and thinks you are awesome.  That feeling of getting praise and pats on the back for all your inspiration, hard work and dedication feels great... or does it?

Does it mean that much if YOU don't believe it?

Some days I don't.  Some days I question everything I am doing?  Do you?

I wonder whether it is giving me what I set out to get...the freedom to work when and where I want, to make a real difference and to make real money.

There is no doubt that I have worked hard building my business and that my work does make an impact on others and a difference to their lives, and I am making money from it, but just some days the doubts can creep in.  Who am I to do this?

Sometimes it doesn't FEEL real.  Do you know what I mean?  I guess it is hard to put into words but I recently read a quote from Lewis Howes and it really hit home for me....

"It doesn't matter if the entire world believes i you - if you don't believe in them they will never come true".

It reminded me that SELF belief is everything.  It doesn't matter if everyone around you keeps saying you can do it- if you don't believe you can then it won't happen will it?

And it is so true!  Think about it, when was the last time you achieved something so amazing you couldn't quite believe you had done it?  That hurdle you had to overcome, that tough decision you had to make, that work that didn't light you up but was part of the bigger picture.....?

Believing you can make it happen is the best foundation to get in place before working on anything else - but sometimes actually doing it and taking action is the only way to get that ball of self belief rolling too.

It can feel like a catch 22 - "I can't start because I am not sure it will work / I will only know if it will work if I start".

I am not naive to think these types of feelings can ever disappear,  but I do know that from the last 18 months building this business and all of my experience working with behaviour, change and motivation over the last 17 years has taught me that there are ways to get past it. 

It starts and ends in your head.

To not let those doubts stop you going for what YOU want.  The key is to figuring that out and heading straight for it and pushing any doubts aside - shooting for the stars that you believe deep in your heart you can reach.  This is why it doesn't work if it isn't what YOU want.  If you are solely doing it because others think you should, then the motivation isn't strong enough - you have to want and BELIEVE it too.

So the next time someone tells you how amazing you are.  Say thank you and accept it and add it to your own bucket of self belief!  And keep filling that up every day!

Keep going - you got this.

Love Gemma x

And if you need some support join my community of ambitious women that will have your back OR grab some of your own self belief with the Fierce in five days Challenge.