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Is it time to face your fears?

Here are mine....

In the past year I have faced SO many fears.... things that would have normally stopped me from doing what I wanted….

They include;

*risking big financial investments in myself
*digging deep and getting to know me better and what I really want
*networking at big events, 
* hosting my own event and public speaking
*getting to know and making connections with others awesome women in groups, 
*putting myself out there on social media, 
*my face on my website which I designed and built myself from scratch, 
*honest facebook lives
*public speaking (paid gigs)
*selling myself, my services and empowering others
*designing and implementing amazing coaching programmes and delivering the goods for my fabulous clients, 
*building this online community (which I have been in every day for over 18 months and doubling the size in just 10 months)
*voicing my opinions even when others don't necessarily agree
*having negative comments and insults thrown at me in this online crazy world
*growing thick skin
*last year juggling full time hours, young children, closing down my previous business and setting up my new one. 
*dealing with corporate legal shizzle
* designing my online self study course
*growing my ladyballs daily

And lots more in between.

This has not been easy. And there have been many times I would have given up.

But I didn’t. Because I don’t quit. It is not in my nature and guess where fierce comes from.

I love it too much and I have come too far to only come this far.

Sometimes we need to stop and look back and see just how far we have come...against the odds.

Compare YOU against YOU.

I am such a different person and those that know me personally will see that for sure.

So when people say - "you've changed .. I say I fucking hope so"

Ready to face your fears - start by joining my group

Love FM x