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It is shocking news to wake up to this morning in the world.  

When I feel like this I turn to gratitude and look to how people can make a difference if they follow their own hearts and dig deep and respect each other.    But maybe we need to do things differently.

Sometimes we can feel that we have no control over our own lives.  That things are already decided for us and that we just have to go along with it.  But this is not the case.  You do get to decide what you want.  You do get to decide how you want to feel.  And you do get to choose.

When I see things that make me sad or even angry and frustrated - I reflect.

I reflect on what feelings this stirs inside me.  And reflect why this is.  It is usually because I care.  I care about others.  One of my favourites quotes is 'Be the change you wish to see in the World'.  This resonates with me so much and has been a driving force behind the decisions I have made in my career.  

I have always wanted to empower others to be the person they can be.  To unlock all of their potential.  Potential they sometimes think isn't there.  I have also worked hard to unlock my own potential.  Potential I maybe didn't realise I had and sometimes still don't.  But to do this we must do things differently.

A few weeks ago I watched my 3 year old son in his swimming class.  At the end they were singing and playing a game doing the hockey cokey.  You had to grab a floating toy and then the kids should have thrown it back into the middle on each verse and then grab a different one.  

It was so interesting as all of the other children grabbed a toy and held onto it throughout the whole song.  Not letting go to that one toy.  My son threw his toy back in every time.  He went for a different one.  Watching all the children made me realise that my son seemed to be having the most fun.  Grabbing a new toy then throwing it back in, sometimes getting a new one and sometimes missing out.  So striving harder and reaching further the next time.  But he was laughing the whole time.  I felt proud.

It made me reflect on how life can be similar.

Do you hang onto what you have in life because you feel secure in the fact that you at least have something, and don't let go for fear of not getting anything better.  Or do you keep trying different things, taking risks and opportunities to feel different and enjoy the game.

Sometimes change feels scary and unnecessary - but most of the time change is good.  It gives us all a chance to do things differently.

Dig deep today and look around at the amazing beautiful people in this world that shine love and respect for each other.  You are one of them.  

Shine bright and do things differently.


Stay strong.  Stay fierce.

You've got this

FM x



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